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If you’re here it’s because either you follow me on one or more of the many social media platforms that I inhabit or because somebody forwarded you a post of mine and you said to yourself, “Wow, what an intelligent fellow. I think that I would like to hear more of this gentleman’s opinions.” However you got here, welcome.

To answer the question, here’s why: because if you find me at all funny or interesting or just want to be my friend, here is where I will regularly (or as regularly as I can) offer up opinions and commentary on the news, politics, sports, entertainment and other stuff, hopefully without making a problematic ass of myself.

My background is that I have no particular experience or expertise as a journalist, social critic or political analyst, but I know what I think about things and what makes me happy or angry or hopeful or pessimistic and I know how to tell you what I think about these things, hopefully in a funny or thoughtful or even provocative way. What I’m trying to say without saying it is that I have a way with words. That’s my thing.

You can also follow me on Twitter @nraymz or Mastodon, @raymz, whichever of those floats your boat (or outlasts Elon Musk).

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Oh yeah, one more thing: the views expressed here are mine, and mine alone and not of my employer or any other person or entity with which I might be affiliated.

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